In my article Are You In Sleep Debt?, I refer to a natural sleep aid called Patch It Sleep patches which I purchased from Holland and Barrett.

Here is my review…

These giant sticking plasters are affixed to the sole of each foot and contain a unique calming blend of plants, minerals and certified organic essential oils that include lavender, sage, basil, ylang ylang, bergamot, bitter orange, tourmaline, green tea and mandarin wood vinegar. I have to admit that whilst I was initially quite sceptical of these patches, I am now totally addicted!  They produce a pleasant warming sensation when you first apply them and very soon after I found myself drifting off into a deep and restful nights sleep.  The recommendation is for 3 consecutive nights application for the occasional poor sleeper, and up to 21 nights application for the chronic insomniac, so I bought myself a bumper back of 20!  I’ve had a couple of not so good nights whilst I’ve been using them, but I believe they have a cumulative effect and will continue to use them until such time as I’m lying awake again at 2am :-0

A box of 2 patches is £3.99 and a box of 20 is £29.99 – they advise that you should not re-use the patches from a hygiene perspective, and of course, the more patches you use, the more money they make, so if the ingredients are not compromised by one nights application, I’d see no harm in using the same patches for a second night.

Patch-It also have 2 other types of dermal patches in their series; Patch-It Detox and Patch-It Circulation, neither of which I have tried but Patch-It Detox has undergone some clinical trials that have shown it to be effective in reducing swelling and aching in lower limbs.  It’s supposed to be good for cellulite too, so I might give them a whirl and see if I can shrink my pudgy knees!