Do Epsom Salts come from Epsom? They do actually; originally! According to the history books, the mineral-rich water in Epsom whence the ‘salt’ (it’s actually a mineral) epsom-saltscomes, was discovered by Henry Wicker, a farmer in the early 17th Century. He noticed that his cattle would not drink the water and, after tasting it himself he noticed that it had a more bitter quality than regular water. At some point, its multitude of health benefits were discovered and Epsom soon became renowned as a spa destination, with people flocking from all over the country for up to a week at a time to drink the ‘medicinal, healing waters’ from the Epsom well.

The well in Epsom was closed in the early 20th century but, its two key minerals, magnesium and sulfate, are found in many other natural sources and have since been combined (Epsom salts). It’s now a bathroom staple for professional athletes, trainers, and celebrities alike; used for its detoxifying, restorative and relaxing properties.

Why do I use it? I’ve recently been placed under the guidance of a nutritional therapist and, as part of her ‘prescription for health’, she suggests I take 3 x 20 minute Epsom salts baths per week. I had been taking an Epsom salts bath on an irregular basis before now but, regular use of Epsom salts have been shown to…

  • improve sleep
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve muscle cramps
  • assist in wound healing and other skin conditions such as athletes foot and toenail fungus
  • build healthy skin, joints and nerves
  • removes of toxins from the body and can improve water retention

Another benefit of Epsom salts is that it has the potential to improve the mood. Magnesium helps to produce serotonin which is a chemical the body produces to induce relaxation, a feeling of well-being and happiness. Yey! 🙂

Always check with a professional if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing medical conditions before using Epsom salts.

You can buy Epsom salts at most pharmacies or health food shops. I buy a bumper 5kg bag (£14.99) from Westlab, who stock a range of salts, minerals, oils, soaks and mud from the Dead Sea :-0

Now go on, get in that bath!