I feel like I’ve been neglecting my posts on skincare products of late, but as luck would have it, I received a super goodie bag full of SkinCeuticals samples in the post last week, courtesy of Dermacaredirect.

Founded in the US in 1997 and developed through their research into skin cancer, SkinCeuticals was one of the pioneers in the development of cosmeceuticals (a hybrid of both a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical). Now owned by L’Oreal (don’t let that put you off!), amongst medical professionals, SkinCeuticals are still considered to be leaders in skin health when it comes to providing scientific evidence to support the benefits of their products.

SkinCeuticals’ mantra is Prevention, Protection and Correction – so skincare products that are designed to help prevent future damage, protect healthy skin, and correct the visible signs of previous skin damage.

What’s in the bag?


One of the first products they ever developed was a pure, topical vitamin C, one of the most essential and well studied antioxidants, which reinforces the skin’s natural protection against those nasty, wrinkle inducing, free radicals!

I’ve got not one, but three vials of this super-antioxidant treatment!

C E Ferulic – which contains a combination of both vitamins C and E, and Ferulic Acid (a potent plant antioxidant), claims to increase firmness, replenish moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I’ve used this product previously and, whilst it’s got quite a strong odour, I could definitely sense that the ingredients were very ‘active’ on my skin. It’s great to use under your moisturiser/sunscreen and is allegedly effective for a minimum of 72 hours.

Phloretin CF – as well as vitamin C and Ferulic Acid, this contains another plant derived antioxidant, Phloretin. Combined, these ingredients not only claim to protect the skin against free radical damage, but also to increase skin surface cell turnover and correct existing damage such as hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. According to their literature, this product represents “a new class of topical vitamin C based formulations”.

Serum 10 AOX – an introductory antioxidant environmental protection vitamin C based serum ideal for sensitive skin types and those not used to using potent vitamin C serums.

Resveratrol B E – this antioxidant night concentrate is formulated with resveratrol, baicalin and vitamin E , which claims to support the skin’s natural antioxidant defence system and improve the appearance of radiance and elasticity. This is a great product but there are far cheaper options on the market that I believe are just as good. I mention the Marks & Spencer Pure range in my post about my favourite skincare products – this is my resveratrol product of choice.


A.G.E. Interrupter – the A.G.E stands for Advanced Glycation End-products. One main cause of visible ageing is glycation, which occurs when excess sugar molecules in the cells stick to collagen and elastin fibres, binding to them and causing chemical reactions called A.G.E. or Advanced Glycation End-products. A.G.E. Interrupter claims to visibly improve skin creping and thinning; correct the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and rough texture; restore water and nutrients to improve the appearance of skin elasticity; and restore comfort to dry, ageing skin! Phew, if it can do all that, it’s my new BFF. I’ve only got a miniscule amount in the sample tube, so don’t hold your breath for the results 🙁

A.G.E Eye Complex – as above, so my advice would be don’t bother buying a separate eye cream if your facial moisturiser is suitable for the eye area. Having said that, I’ve been using this at night and find it very hydrating, if a little rich, but then it is for more ‘mature’ skin – a category I’d like to think I don’t quite fall under, yet!

Retinol 0.5 – aaaahhhh retinol – my fave! This is a pure retinol product that’s the next step up from their beginners retinol of 0.3. I’ve tried dozens of retinol products over the years and this rates as one of the better ones, helping to stimulate cell regeneration and build collagen. It also helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, age-spots, pore size, and assists in correcting blemishes (good for pimples) and blotchiness associated with problematic skin. You can move up to their more potent retinol 1.0 once your skin is accustomed to retinol products.

Blemish + Age Defence – an oil-free serum that fights the formation of acne, minimizes blemishes, and reduces the appearance of signs of ageing.

Retexturing Activator – with an oil-free delivery system, this serum simultaneously exfoliates and replenishes moisture for smooth, radiant skin.

Advanced Pigment Corrector – apparently clinically proven and tested on all ethnicities, this multi-action treatment helps improve the appearance of stubborn discoloration.

Redness Neutralizer – paraben, fragrance, silicone, dye and alcohol free, this formula will not clog pores and claims to combat environmental triggers to alleviate skin blotchiness and discomfort.

Phyto Corrective – optimal benefits for sensitive or problem skin, this light oil-free serum contains botanical extracts to help calm skin.


Hydrating B5 – enriched with vitamin B5, this gel claims to replenish nutrients the skin needs to feel smooth and appear younger. The gel contains hyaluronic acid, the body’s natural hydrator, to bind moisture to the skin. I’ve used this product previously and really liked it, but there are other vitamin B serums I would rate higher than this one; Aspect Dr B being one of them.


Physical Fusion UV Defence SPF50 – this sunscreen claims to be non pore clogging, provides broad spectrum protection and enhances natural skin tone to boost radiance.

Sheer Physical UV Defence SPF50 – this sunscreen claims to provide broad spectrum protection with a transparent, weightless finish, and is ideal for all skin types including very sensitive.

In my humble opinion…

These goodies (and this is only a fraction of their range!) should keep me occupied for a little while at least, but the one thing I would say about this brand is that whilst there is a lot of research behind their formulas, some of their packaging lets them down – the vitamin C and B treatments, as well as some of their other ‘correct’ range’ for example, are dispensed through a pipette, which means you need to unscrew the lid and expose the product to the air, which all contributes to its degradation and ultimately its efficacy. Stick with opaque, pump action dispensers wherever possible.

Finally, whilst I find SkinCeuticals quite pricey, they do have some excellent treatments and serums in their range which are certainly worth investing in if you are able to, and then use them alongside less expensive products like I do 🙂

The links in my article are to the SkinCeuticals US site.

In the UK, I purchase my SkinCeuticals products either online from authorised stockist Dermacaredirect or through a professional clinic such as the Cadogan Clinic in London where I have previously had a treatment using SkinCeuticals.

In Australia, an official stockist for SkinCeuticals is Adore Beauty based in Melbourne, who will happily ship around the country 🙂

I’ll be providing an update on these samples in a future musing, and will be trying to get my head around Aldi’s recent launch of their own ‘luxury’ skincare range, Lacura – with La Prairie looking packaging but without La Prairie prices…