As we age and our skin tone changes, we can have a tendency, no matter how well we look after ourselves, to look a little washed out; our eyes a little sunken, our lips a little thinner and our jowls a little droopier (or in my case, a lot :-0 ) This, I think, is where makeup can help!

Well, given that my only concession to makeup is my trusty YSL Touche Eclat to conceal any blemishes and dark circles and, on a night out, a smidge of mascara, is it about time I started to wear a little makeup in order to freshen up my look?

Content Beauty & Wellbeing, Marylebone’s cult organic beauty boutique, offers FREE 45 minute ‘Detox Your Makeup Bag’ consultations which will have you turn your back on that crusty old black eyeliner you’ve been wearing since the dawn of time and, ready to embrace a new era in the ‘less is more’ approach to makeup 🙂

So, this last weekend I hot-footed it up to Content where I was introduced to the lovely Alex; a professional makeup artist and skincare expert. Given it was my birthday and I didn’t have a makeup bag for him to ‘detox’, he agreed to make me over with a little makeup. I stress the word ‘little’, as Content’s ethos is all about optimum organic skincare (they stock some of the world’s leading organic skincare brands) and, a ‘no makeup makeup’ approach to makeup (how many times can I say ‘makeup’ in one sentence?!)

Before... (no makeup)

Before… (no makeup)

The look…

The key to a great look is a great base. Alex was ready to de-grime me of London’s finest smog particles with a quick cleanse but, as I’d come straight from home and had smothered my chops in various serums just before I arrived, I opted to just go straight in for the kill – ‘make me up Alex!’

BASE: Vapour Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector is a “complexion-enhancing primer that instantly balances skin, smooths texture and diffuses lines”. That was my base right there. £49. A little concealer around the eyes from W3ll People in ‘fair’. £19.

EYES: Two different eye shadows; one from Alima Pure which was a soft metallic that created a neutral rose gold look; brightening up my eyes with warm peachy pink and glowing copper shades; and the other, was a darker shade from Kjaer Weis and was used as a liner for definition on the upper lid. £50 and £32 respectively. Two types of mascara to really accentuate and set the lashes; one from Juice Beauty and the other from W3ll People. £25 and £18.50 respectively.

CHEEKS: Kjaer Weis provided the subtle cheek colour in ‘Desired Glow’. £40.

BROWS: Brows were defined with Alima Pure natural definition brow pencil. £14.50.

LIPS: Aaaaand finally, a little light lippy from Kjaer Weis in Believe shade and, a Juice Beauty gloss in ‘Shimmer’ over the top. £42 and £25 respectively.

Was I made up with my makeover?…

I absolutely loved what Alex was able to acheive and it was exactly as he had explained it – subtle makeup to enhance your features in a very natural way. I didn’t feel as though it had been ‘caked on’ and the finished look provided me with a warm, dewy and more youthful glow, as opposed to the blue lips and winter cheeks that I’d arrived with. Whilst I’m not yet ready to fully embrace a ‘daily’ makeup routine, the look seemed simple enough to achieve for a makeup rookie such as me, so next time I’m out on the tiles (not that often then…), I will be following Alex’s advice 🙂

Et voila, the finished look!

after eyes 2After...after3

Content Beauty is a fabulously intimate, organic beauty oasis in the middle of a hectic city. It’s a great store in which to undergo a mini makeup makeover if, like me, you are new to makeup and don’t want to sit in the middle of a massive department store having passersby glare at you as you undergo this process. They also provide organic facials, have a naturopathic clinic on site and, stock the most shamazeballs array of organic skincare.

So, if you think it’s time you ditched that clumpy mascara, pressed powder and 70’s kohl pencil, but you don’t know where to start, this is a great place to freshen up your look 😉

Thanks Alex and Content Beauty!



Photo Credit and all round good egg: Mr Zodle 🙂

NB: This is not a sponsored post.