A change is as good as a rest, so they say! So, I thought it was about time I swapped some of my staple skincare products for something a little different (sharp intake of breath!). In my first, and very super duper facial with Advanced Facialist, Emma Bennett, she introduced me to a couple of brands that I’d not heard of before now; one of which was Spanish skincare brand pHformula.

What are they all about then?

Well, the Barcelona based laboratories of pHformula were founded in the late nineteenth century and are still controlled by the fourth generation of a family of pharmacists specialising in dermatology, who draw on decades of combined experience and are known for their scientific knowledge and quality products in the aesthetic medicine and pharmaceutical industry. Well, I guess they must be doing something right then? pHformula claims to set the standard with scientific proof for advanced skin resurfacing technology. All their ‘active’ products are pharmaceutical grade, and the studies supporting their products are peer reviewed. pHformula market themselves as one of the most advanced and effective skin resurfacing treatment systems currently available in the aesthetics market; in a market that is simply brimming with competitors who all make very similar claims, this is a bold call, so I set about putting some of their ‘advanced formulations’ to the test!

So here’s what I’m slathering over my visage…

After Emma had convinced me to replace my five skincare products with just three (another sharp intake of breath), I was left feeling slightly panicky about whether they would be just as effective (listen to me and my first-world problems!). E.X.F.O. Cleanse contains lactobionic acid, rooibos extract, vitamin B5, urea and papain (papaya) enzyme and, is a gentle exfoliating cleanser that helps to effectively remove makeup (including eye makeup) and any impurities. I’m a foaming facewash kinda gal (there is also a foaming wash in their range), so this creamy cleanser, whilst activated with water, is not my fave in terms of application. However, it seems to have good exfoliant properties but without any harsh stripping action and, being able to use it to remove eye makeup is always a bobby bonus in my book too! I apply it to dry skin and then massage it off with my muslin facecloth, which seems to work quite well. Paraben free preservative system too 🙂

The A.G.E. Recovery serum is specifically formulated to work in conjunction with the pHformula skin resurfacing treatments and, is a unique combination of active ingredients that speed up skin recovery, whilst maintaining the overall health of the skin and, helping to prevent future skin damage. Specifically designed for ‘ageing skin’ this serum addresses photo ageing, pigment changes, lentigines (age spots), telangiectasia (spider veins), dull sallow appearance, keratosis (thickened skin), unhealthy condition of stratum corneum (surface layer of skin), wrinkles and, superficial and medium expression lines. Blimey, an elixir for just about every ageing skin concern then! I’m not currently undergoing any of the pHformula resurfacing treatments, so was concerned as to the efficacy of this product given it’s designed to be used after one of their treatments. However, whilst a combination of salon treatment and home-use products ensures quicker results, pHformula’s daily ‘drip feed’ approach to your ageing skin means ‘slow but sure wins the race’. The key ingredients in the serum are retinol, niacinamide, pyruvic acid, galactaric acid, pycnogenol® and, their unique delivery system, PH-DVC™ – which allows these powerful ingredients to really penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, thus promoting a really effective response. Paraben free preservative system too 🙂

Vita B3 Cream prevents and reverses visible signs of redness, pigment changes and skin ageing. pHformula has developed a highly concentrated vitamin B3 cream with 24 hour moisturising properties to offer immediate and intense hydration. This cream has a very light texture, contains niacinamide at prescription strength and, is ideal for daily application. Niacinamide is a potent but calming antioxidant that reduces dryness, redness and, promotes an even skin tone, resulting in superior skin correction benefits. It’s 24-hour moisturising complex ensures pro-longed hydration and protection of the skin; so, great for use in both winter and summer. It’s designed for all skin types and is particularly good for skin with visible signs of photo-ageing and dark spots.

What do I think of my pared down skincare range?

So farsy, so goody! Now I’ve gotten my head around their ‘less is more approach’ and, have been using just these three products both morning and night for the past three weeks, I’m encouraged by the subtle changes in my skin – reduction in redness/more even skin tone, more refined pores (the A.G.E. Recovery is also great for zapping zits!) and overall, a brighter complexion (sadly, I still have droopy jowls 🙁 ). Long-term application of these products will ensure that my skin adjusts accordingly and benefits more fully from their use, so I intend to continue with the regime for the foreseeable. However, my addiction to skincare products is pretty evident in the bathroom so, rather than ignore my other lotions and potions, I see no harm in occasionally throwing in a nourishing night oil for example, if my skin feels particularly dry, or even a vitamin C for added brightness and antioxidant protection.

It’s worth noting that pHformula’s range also includes a powerful acne treatment containing a unique combination of actives specifically formulated to correct the main signs of acne.

Cuánto cuesta este?

E.X.F.O Cleanse 100ml – £16

A.G.E Recovery serum 30ml – £40

VitaB3 cream 50ml – £45

A pea sized amount of each preparation is all that’s necessary so, I think this is a reasonably priced range considering the potency of their products.

Where can I purchase it?

For a complete range of their products and more information, check out the pHformula website or, consider a facial/consultation with the Advanced Facialist, Emma Bennett, who can be contacted on 07758 516995, which is where I purchased my products. pHformula is also available from Clinica and PHP Aesthetic Wellness in London and, in selected salons globally, including Australia.

Next time…

I undergo a pHformula ‘resurfacing’ treatment to supercharge these super products!