ultrasun_spf30_face_50ml_Those Swiss folk at Ultrasun know how to do sun protection and they’ve come up trumps with their Anti-Ageing range specifically for the Face. I’m currently using their Anti-Age SPF30 “for very sensitive skin”. This ‘once a day’ (love that) cream contains a combo of UVA and UVB protection and, has the added benefit of powerful antioxidants that are alleged to restore optimal moisture levels and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Well the jury’s still out on the wrinkles bit, but it’s super-fast absorption and light-weight, non-greasy texture make this a real winner for me – there are so many pretenders out there that say they are non-greasy and easily absorbed, but never are 🙁 Ooooo and it’s preservative and perfume free too!

On the inside of the box packaging, is a handy little chart that advises what your maximum sun exposure is dependant on your particular skin type and, some tips on how and when to apply your SPF for maximum protection. For example, did you know that you should apply your sun protection at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to sun exposure, as any less will radically reduce the protection effect :-0

It’s also worth noting that after first publishing this article, a reader questioned the biodegradability of this cream, so I contacted Ultrasun directly and the following is an extract from the response of their UK Sales Director: “I can confirm that the packaging is all recyclable. The cardboard box, of course, and the bottle can be recycled in most UK recycling household collections.

With regard to the products themselves the UV filters are described as being lightly biodegradable but not completely water soluble or we wouldn’t be able to claim our water resistance on the products unfortunately.

We use a combination of physical filters (titanium dioxide which reflects the suns rays) and organic chemical filters (which absorb the suns rays turning it into heat) and this gives the broad spectrum protection offered by our products.

As we use so little chemical filters in the products and we use no silicones, emulsifiers, perfumes or oils the impact to the environment is minimal.

So there you have it; whilst it’s not technically biodegradeable, it has minimal impact on the environment 🙂

I purchased mine from M&S for a well priced £20 for 50ml. Ultrasun offer a broad range of sun protection to suit all skin types and sun conditions, including an anti-pigmentation face cream and a sports range, so go check them out, because we all know by now, too much sun will have you looking like an old leather handbag in no time at all :-0

Protect yourselves beauties