Love this lip balm – Rêve de Miel (translated as Dream of Honey) from French beauty brand NUXE, is now a cult beauty classic and I’ve finally discovered why!

NUXE was founded in 1957 by a Parisian pharmacist with a fascination for phytotherapy and aromatherapy and in 1989, was taken over by Aliza Jabes (of pharmacy background) who revived the brand whilst still being true to it’s roots and authenticity.

NUXE means nature and luxury and their products contain no mineral oil, no substances of animal origin, and no parabens. The original recipes are non-comedogenic and are tested independently in vivo and in vitro biometrological for their efficacy. Alongside this, NUXE continually contribute to the preservation of the environment in their selection of recyclable materials and a reduction of box sizes.

This lip balm was put through it’s paces when it was tested in the harsh Canadian winter to ensure that its unique blend of nourishing plant extracts and oils could protect delicate lip skin against extreme cold and intense environmental stresses. The ultra-hydrating formula comprises honey, plant oils, shea butter and grapefruit essence to instantly protect, repair and restore comfort to chapped lips.

It has a buttery but waxy texture which ensures it stays put on your luscious lips for a little longer than your average lip balm; locking in moisture and providing lasting antioxidant protection. Oooooo and it tastes quite nice too 😉

NUXE is avails at M&S for £9.50 for a 15ml pot. It will take a while to get through it given it’s staying power, so I think this is pretty good VFM 🙂

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