So when I spied this title on the cover of ‘The Little Book of Healthy’ in a local health food store, I thought to myself “I could have saved you some paper there folks, just turn off the lights!” But, after I’d banished that negative critic in the back of my head to the naughty step, I took a look at this little book and some of it was actually quite useful, positive, and confidence-boosting advice; something we tend to lack in our advancing years 🙁

So, here are a few tips on how to look and feel beaut in the buff…

  1. The sunshine effect – exercising outside could get you fitter faster – scientists believe exposure to UV light (in moderation of course) can boost a compound that helps insulin work more effectively; controlling your metabolism and slowing weight gain. The little book wasn’t clear about whether you should remove your kit whilst you exercise for maximum effect, but I suspect not :-0
  2. When you’re standing in front of the mirror, stop focusing on your perceived imperfections and, if you wouldn’t say something negative to a friend about their body, don’t say it to yourself – try celebrating all the good bits instead!
  3. Veiny pins? – try taking horse chestnut extract  – apparently it provides a similar effect to wearing compression stockings by helping to contract veins and arteries, making your legs look and feel lighter. Always consult with a healthcare professional before taking any supplements though, as they may not always be suitable for you.
  4. Exfoliating any of those body parts that resemble ‘cottage cheese in a bag’ (thighs, triceps?) will help to boost circulation and temporarily plump out those dimples. Alternatively, don’t bother and embrace the ‘orange peel effect’ as it’s just a part of you and there ain’t no shame in it!
  5. Beat the bloat with a good multi-strain probiotic, preferably one that contains Bifidobacterium. Try making your own, like Kefir for example, as the shop bought ones are often expensive and not as strong. Click here for more deets on how to make your own – it’s cheap and easy and you know it makes sense 😉
  6. Is it ‘date night’? Apparently, 10 squats, 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups 30 minutes prior, will help boost circulation and make your muscles appear more defined before things get really ‘hot’ 😉 , and you need to de-robe :-0
  7. If your partner is looking lovingly into your beautiful face, the rest of you will be in soft focus…
  8. The experts recommend eating protein within one hour of working out as it helps to repair muscle tissue and maximise results!
  9. Boost your zinc intake and you’ll boost your libido apparently, as well as improving the quality of your skin, hair and nails.
  10. And finally, ‘cos I’m not reciting all 50 ways, LOVE YOURSELF – feeling confident is the best way to look and feel good naked – failing that, turn off the lights…




Article produced with reference to The Little Book of Healthy, The River Group