In celebration of her sober life, Smooth Mama brings you this flame coloured superfood smoothie. Packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and some of those precious little gifts from the bees, this will leave you feeling satisfied and energised in no time!

1 mango

2 apricots

1 plum

juice of 1 lime


dash each of propolis, bee pollen, maca and baobab, then Omniblend to superfood beeliciousness!

What is propolis?

Most bee-derived products have been studied for their health properties. Propolis (Pro-before, Polis-city = defence of the city) is the resinous substance that bees gather from the leaf buds of trees and certain vegetables. It has been proven to have a positive impact on human health when incorporated into our diet.

The bee gathers, then transforms the substance in order to disinfect the beehive, seal cracks, build panels, as well as using it as a microbiocidal agent, disinfectant and also for embalming hive intruders otherwise difficult to expel due to their size.

As a result, propolis is directly responsible for guaranteeing the sterility of the beehives which due to their environment, are prone to developing viruses and bacteria.

Tincture (alcoholic extract) of propolis has a large number of active ingredients and is well known for its therapeutic properties, primarily its stimulant action on the immune system. It is one of the richest food sources of antioxidants and possesses anti-microbial, healing, analgesic, anaesthetic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Bee propolis has also been found to prevent the formation of dental plaque by inhibiting the activity of certain enzymes that synthesize glucans from sucrose. Propolis, along with other bee products, has been studied for its potential to control tumour growth, with some positive outcomes to date 🙂

In view of the fact that traditional antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective against certain microbes, it might be worth investing in some of this super elixir and help your body to fight off any nasties…

Enjoy but note to self, the odd fruit juice smoothie isn’t going to kill you but, when consuming juices on a regular basis, 2/3 of your juice should ideally be vegetables, protein and non fruit based.



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