In my recipe for MYO Muesli I mentioned that a future musing would include some green juice breakfast options. Well I’ve gone one better than that!
Naomi Clark from, who is the Queen of all things healthy and one Smooth Mama, is famed for being the original chick who brought Bikram Hot Yoga to Brighton, England over a decade ago. She’s also a Raw Foodist, Super Foodist, Non-Dogmatic Adventurist, and can often be found lurking in The Guarana Bar, Brighton after practice, whilst planning her next yoga collaboration, and before haring off on the school run!
And if that isn’t enough, she makes the most ridiculously healthy and delicious smoothies too!
Each week here on Zodleblog, she will be tantalising your tastebuds and tickling your healthy buttons, and blogging the ingredients, with some beeyouteefull snaps, to inspire you to make your own 🙂

This weeks offering Smooth Mama calls Green Grover :-0
This Green Slurpy is a bit special today. Juiced Kale, Kiwi, Lime, Apple & Pear then Omniblend-ed the juice with Avocado, Banana & Mango, 1tsp Matcha to wake me up, and 1tsp each of Lucuma and Maca. Garnish with Beepollen. THIS IS NOT a Greenjuice; THIS IS NOT a Regular Smoothie – but a whole OTHER MONSTER! WARNING: may require spoon *yumyumyum *awakenthebeast *grover *sesamestreet *roar *vegan *raw *vegetarian *power *superfood *smoothie

More super delicious healthiness from this lovely lady again next week!