He Shou Wuhaaaat!?!? I’ll tell you what – He Shou Wu, also called tuber fleeceflower, and Chinese knotweed is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family and is native to central and southern China. Used for thousands of years, the root of the He Shou Wu plant is said to be full of antioxidants; provide support for both circulation, with it’s iron and lecithin; and immunity with it’s high zinc content. It is also thought to protect the liver; support the nervous system, with both it’s energising and calming properties; and fires up your sexy hormones!

So Smooth Mama, what have you paired your He Shou Wu with in order to create this purple delight?

Just some blackberries and a banana – simples! Top up with water or coconut water in order to de-gloop 🙂

Euro dwellers can buy their He Shou Wu online at Raw Living

Aussie folk can buy theirs at Superfeast

Go on, get your ‘wu hu’ back and get juicing…