Month: September 2016

Fab Face Oil from British Brand Nourish

A few years ago you wouldn’t have found me within 50ft of ‘an oil for your face’, as I was under the misguided impression that plant based facial oils were way too fluffy and ineffective for the likes of my ageing skin and, that a more aggressive, industrial strength product was what I needed in order to restore youthful skin. Fast forward to today and a good facial oil, like Radiance from British skincare brand Nourish, is an essential part of my routine. Not only does it facilitate the penetration of your other skincare products into the deeper layers...

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Sweaty Betty and her meltopause

Hello there. I’m Sam and my sister Zodle suggested I record my experiences of the menopause as a contribution to her blog. I do so gladly so that others might benefit, even just a little, from what I have learnt. Before I begin, I’ve just remembered an exchange, relevant to this piece, which I had with my then 10-year-old daughter when walking back from school one day: Chat, chat, chatting as usual we were and we got onto puberty which then eventually moved onto the menopause… “Uh?” says S, “I thought that was when you took a break from...

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Lumity – the anti-ageing supplement taking the beauty world by storm but, does it work?

Lumity or lunacy? – do these little softgel capsules really contain an elixir that will re-energise your waking hours, provide restorative sleep, balance your hormones and plump out those wrinkles? Lumity, which in astrological terms means pioneer or creator with a strong will and confidence, has gawn viral as they say, as one of the top 3 anti-ageing food supplements on the market. Soooo, 2 months ago, I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about and, given Yasmin Le Bon is their very well publicised ambassador, what did I have to lose in trying out these new...

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