Month: May 2016

Smooth Mama’s Black Forest Gateau Smoothie

The ‘ol black forest gateau eh? – soooo 80’s; but the oldies are the goodies, and given this is actually a super healthy smoothie and not a big fat cream/chocolate/cherry cake (more’s the pity), it’s totally goodie 🙂 So what’s in your 80’s revival with a healthy twist Smooth Mama? 1 cup cherries or blackberries 1 small banana 1 tsp chaga powder (I’ll explain later…) 1 cup apple juice 1 tsp guarana dash of guarana syrup 1 tsp hemp protein garnish with cacao nibs Tell me about chaga powder Chaga is a truffle-like mushroom that grows on birch trees and,...

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This body balm is rather good

Not norms a fan of High Street brand skincare products as I think they have a tendency toward too much perfume and too many additives for my liking and, I’m not always convinced that they can help my ageing skin 🙁 However, when beaut beauty guru Caroline Hirons recommended Neutrogena’s Visibly Renew Elasti-Boost Body Balm, I thought I’d give it a crack! This daily body balm is supposed to help restore the skin’s elasticity, as well as provide long-lasting nourishment for us olds whose skin, lets face it, ain’t as bouncy or as supple as it used to be. So,...

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Turmeric tea anyone?….. ANYONE??

“Bleurgh!” I hear you say, but wait, there’s more to this cousin of ginger root than just curry! Check out some of the benefits of turmeric, make yourself a cuppa as per below and then you can decide whether it’s “no thanks, mine’s a builders brew” or, “do you do a turmeric latte?”… Turmeric, the spice that gives curry its yellow colour, has been used in India for thousands of years as both a spice and medicinal herb. It contains compounds called curcuminoids with medicinal properties, the most important of which is curcumin, which is the main active ingredient in turmeric and,...

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The Naked Goods

If you were expecting some nudity with a heading like this, I’m afraid you may be a little disappointed. However, if you’re after skincare that’s completely natural and organic, then read on… The Naked Goods is a natural skincare range made with organic and wild-harvested ingredients created “to provide women (although I’m sure blokes can use it too :-)) with an exquisite skincare experience. They combine the most nutritious ingredients from around the globe to produce products that are highly concentrated and one of a kind. Their products never contain any synthetics of any sort and are always toxin free....

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