Month: February 2016

Introducing Sidney Little

I know, I know, so what can my new puppy bring to the whole ‘intelligent ageing’ debate? Granted, not much other than exercising my facial muscles by grinning inanely at him but, given I occasionally go off topic with environmental issues and other things and, he is super cute, I thought he should get a mention. Sidney Little is a miniature wire haired dachshund and has been responsible for the hiatus in blog output for the last few weeks. Poops, pees and playing has taken precedent but, as he learns to amuse himself for more than 5 minutes, stop chewing my slippers and is able to sleep for...

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Smooth Mama gives you the power of the beet

You might get a touch of ‘lemon face’ when you read the ingredients for this concoction but when you try it, actually not, as it’s surprisingly sweet and deeelishous! *1 lemon *1 small beetroot *2 carrots *3 sticks of celery *dash of cinnamon Beetroot, leaves and all, is full of calcium, iron, vitamins A, C and B6, folic acid, manganese, potassium and fibre. The purple crimson pigment called betacyanin is thought to suppress the development of some cancers. The fibre, of course, assists with bowel function, and glutamine, an amino acid, is essential to the health and maintenance of...

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A truly ‘FRESH’ approach to skincare!

How much do we really know about what nasties are lurking in our skincare products, how long ago they were manufactured and, whether they’re as effective as they could be? Under EU law, all cosmetic products should carry a visible expiry date, but an exception to this rule are products that have a minimum durability of more than 2.5 years. In this instance, all that’s required is the small ‘open jar’ symbol which informs the consumer how long the product will stay safe after opening, but doesn’t tell you how long ago the product was made! 2.5 years+ is a long...

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