Month: November 2015

The breakfast of Emperors

In need of a little breakfast inspiration? I know I am! It’s getting a little nippy for my sheep’s yoghurt and berries; I’ve OD’d on MYO muesli; porridge is a little too heavy (and it makes me pee); and I need something a little more hearty than a juice to get me started on these cold mornings… Enter Black Rice Pudding! Black rice (not the same as wild rice), sometimes referred to as ‘forbidden rice’, or ‘longevity rice’ during the Ming Dynasty, is prized for its high nutritional value and fabulously nutty flavour. It’s packed full of more of those super antioxidants called anthocyanins, than a...

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Anyone for tennis?

I think it’s time for a little more exercise and a mini musing on another fave sporting activity of mine – tennis! Tennis in winter – you cannot be serious?!?!? Well I am and, although this outdoor sport is more suited to the summer months (so listen up those of you in sunnier climes), as luck would have it, the sports club where I swim also has indoor tennis courts, so yesterday I commenced a 4 week complimentary coaching course :-0 My tennis is a little like my baking – a bit hit and miss (mostly miss), but I enjoy it and sometimes it ain’t as bad as...

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Smooth Mama’s Golden Delicious

Here in the Northern Hemisphere where the sun has begun to set at 4.30pm 🙁 and the grey Dickensian smog rolls in, Smooth Mama takes us back to those endless, balmy summer dayz with this little golden treasure… *pineapple *hemp milk *lucuma powder *raw honey *banana *cinnamon – *omniblend then garnish with a few golden balls of *beepollen 😉 Hemp milk is made by blending water and hemp seeds (but contains virtually zero THC, ensuring a psychoactive-free drinking experience) and has a creamy/nutty/beany flavour. It contains both Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, as well as a wealth of...

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