I know, I know, so what can my new puppy bring to the whole ‘intelligent ageing’ debate? Granted, not much other than exercising my facial muscles by grinning inanely at him but, given I occasionally go off topic with environmental issues and other things and, he is super cute, I thought he should get a mention.

Sidney Little is a miniature wire haired dachshund and has been responsible for the hiatus in blog output for the last few weeks. Poops, pees and playing has taken precedent but, as he learns to amuse himself for more than 5 minutes, stop chewing my slippers and is able to sleep for England, I’m slowly getting back on the blog tip.

I can’t guarantee that this will be the one and only post about the little fella, but I do solemnly promise not to bore the pants off you with excessive puppy snaps and anecdotes 😉