If you were expecting some nudity with a heading like this, I’m afraid you may be a little disappointed. However, if you’re after skincare that’s completely natural and organic, then read on…

The Naked Goods is a natural skincare range made with organic and wild-harvested ingredients created “to provide women (although I’m sure blokes can use it too :-)) with an exquisite skincare experience. They combine the most nutritious ingredients from around the globe to produce products that are highly concentrated and one of a kind. Their products never contain any synthetics of any sort and are always toxin free. The Naked Goods believes that – Your skin deserves the best”.

So, when I was sent this lovely little samples box, I was keen to discover if there was any ‘magic’ in their potions and how effective their ‘gentle’ but highly concentrated formulas are for more mature skin.

Tell me about The Naked Goods…

The founder of Hong Kong based The Naked Goods experienced a major health scare in her early twenties which forced her to re-examine every  aspect of her life, including cutting back on processed food and sourcing skincare that was completely natural and organic. Apparently, this was the challenging bit, as it transpired that many products that claimed to be all natural and organic actually contained harsh chemicals and questionable ingredients. Frustrated with the market, and convinced that skincare does not have to contain harsh chemicals to be effective, she started her own study into truly natural alternatives that today is the foundation of The Naked Goods.

The Naked Goods, and I’m quoting from their website here, guarantee the following:

1) Products are 100% Natural, Organic & Wild-harvested

When it comes to products we apply to our skin, we believe the quality of ingredients matters. Not only are our products 100% natural, we also strive to be 100% organic/wild-harvested to ensure ingredient efficacy. Like food, organically grown and wild-harvested ingredients are often higher in nutrient levels and are not exposed to pesticides and toxins from both farming and harvesting. You will never find mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and colourants, sulphates, parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, PEGs, PPGs, DEA, TEA, phthalates, GMO ingredients and artificial preservatives in any of our products.

2) Formulated and Manufactured In-House

We formulate and manufacture all products in-house and in small batches to ensure their quality and freshness. Most beauty brands outsource manufacturing and even formulation so they can focus on branding and sales. We however, do things differently. Only by doing our own research, formulation and manufacturing process can we ensure our products meet our quality standards. We will never do it any other way.

3) Formulas are Highly Concentrated and Unique

Unlike most skincare formulations, where water can account for as much as 80% of the product, none of our products contain water or fillers of any sort. When it comes to developing our formulations, we researched long and hard. Every single ingredient was chosen for a specific purpose in mind. Our highly concentrated formulas mean you get the full spectrum of benefits in one outstanding product, not five.

4) All Products Packaged in Dark Violet Glass to Ensure Efficacy

The quality of packaging has a direct impact on the quality of the product. While plastics can leach chemicals into the product, regular glass, no matter the colour, allow some light to pass through, accelerating the molecular decaying process and diminishing the product’s potency. The bottles and jars we use, however, are not your average glass. They are designed precisely to preserve product quality. Working like filters, the dark violet glass allows only the good light to pass through, which means that things stored in them stay potent and fresh longer!

So what about those products – how efficacious are they and more importantly, can they wipe 10 years off my visage?!

Hhhmmm, not sure that they can wind back that clock but, I would definitely recommend a few of their products…

The Nutrient Eye Boost Serum

A potent eye serum for your delicate eye area. This serum is formulated specifically to reduce puffiness, dryness, dark circles and the appearance of wrinkles. It contains passion fruit seed oil that is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, working synergistically with pumpkin seed oil, mushroom extract and a wealth of nutritive plant extracts to tighten and rejuvenate tired skin. The serum doesn’t contain fillers like water, thickeners, emulsifiers, or synthetics of any sort. It’s really hydrating without being heavy, which is surprising for an oil, and whilst it doesn’t necessarily reduce puffiness and dark circles, it’s certainly great for fine lines and any dryness in this area.

The Mini Lip Care Butter

The perfect hydration for even the driest lips. This refreshing whip of soothing oils and nutrient-rich extracts will smooth lines and keep lips soft, supple and glossy. Some traditional lip balms contain petroleum (mineral oil) in their formulation. This creates a false sense of hydration by completely sealing the lips like a plastic coating while clogging and suffocating the pores, leaving your lips drier over time. This lip butter is petroleum free 🙂 I absolutely love this stuff – it really does what it says on the label, which is a refreshing change in this age of bogus skincare claims.

The Desert Rescue Face Oil

Camellia oil is high in oleic acid, making it really effective at sealing in moisture. It is also high in antioxidants and vitamins A, E and D. Apparently, Jojoba oil is very similar to the sebum our skin produces and enables rapid absorption. The plant extracts are both soothing and healing, whilst allegedly, also providing anti-ageing benefits. There are no water fillers in this face oil, just light weight oils that provide deep moisturisation without clogging pores. There’s a lovely scent to this oil  and I found it really nourishing when applied directly after cleansing, whilst the skin is still damp – it’s good under a lightweight moisturiser during the day or as part of a more hydrating night-time routine.

The Lush Balance Botanical Mist

This refreshing mist of rose and neroli restores skin’s natural pH balance, promotes cell repair and tightens pores. Willow Bark contains powerful antioxidants that protect skin from free radicals and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It’s suitable for all skin types and does not contain any irritants like alcohol, nor is it watered down with fillers, emulsifiers or thickeners. I spritzed this on to my face after cleansing but before the Desert Rescue Oil – it smelt divine and provided an additional moisture boost to my tired old boat!

In summary…

Not so long ago, I received some wise words of advice from a trusted skincare expert who suggested that all these intensely potent and sometimes very stripping cosmeceuticals are all well and good, but it’s also good to step away from them periodically, and consider swapping out your exfoliating overnight retinol treatment for say, a more hydrating and altogether more nurturing face oil, for example. I’d also suggest that given their strong stance against the inclusion of any nasties, this range would definitely be worth considering if you have sensitive or reactive skin. Having written recently about super fresh Danish skincare brand Nuori  and how we are often hoodwinked by the industry as to a product’s efficacy when it’s been sat on the shelf for 12 months, The Naked Goods is another ‘small batch’ skincare producer who believe that quality ingredients, not quantity, are what matters when it comes to optimum results.

I like their ethos and I’ve highlighted my stand-outs in their range, so why not give them a try yourself. They offer this great little box of samples for $US10 which is approx £6.90 or $AUD13.40 and, shipping is FREE wherever you are 🙂

UPDATE: The Naked Goods has been rebranded since this blog spot and is now known as Akar Skin

Until my next skincare review…