With the growing trend toward a more ‘natural’ approach to beauty, when I spied Taylors’s 32 Natural Whitening Toothpaste at my local supermarket, I thought I must give it a try!

British-made, Taylor’s 32 toothpaste, has been created with dentists (always a good start 🙂 ) and, contains only natural cleaning compounds, flavours and antioxidants to help keep your teeth and gums naturally healthy. The whitening component is provided by the inclusion of sodium bicarbonate and silica, which removes stains and restores natural whiteness; xylitol and fluoride inhibit plaque formation and strengthen tooth enamel; vitamin E is thought to safeguard gum health; and a spearmint, peppermint and essential oils combo ensures your breath is fresh enough to invade someone’s personal space without fearing the ‘bad breath recoil’ face 😉 (I think).

It’s worth noting that Taylor’s 32 Toothpaste does contain palm oil as a natural foaming agent and when approached for comment about the sustainability of the palm oil, they responded as follows…

Yes, the palm oil used in our products is sustainable and is exclusively sourced from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil members and suppliers. The RSPO is a non profit organisation that works across 7 sectors of palm oil production, to develop and implement a set of global standard guidelines for sustainable palm oil production. The application of these guidelines vastly reduces the negative environmental and social impacts of palm oil cultivation across the supply chain. If you would like anymore information on RSPO then I would recommend looking at their website which explains more on their mission and work to date http://www.rspo.org/ 

Although the palm oil used in our products is sustainable, we are continuously looking to improve our products to make sure our ingredients are the best possible for our consumers. We are therefore currently looking at replacing the palm oil derivative (lauroyl sarcosinate) with a sustainable coconut derivative (cocoyl sarcosinate), where farming is not associated with deforestation.

Taylor’s 32 formulations do not contain SLS; artificial flavours; sweetners; colourants; perservatives or abrasives; petrochemicals; or parbens.

Did Taylor’s 32 give me a natural winning grin?

It doesn’t foam as much as it’s more chemical laden counterparts because it does not contain any SLS but, once I’d gotten used to that, I found that I really rather liked it. I suffer from sensitivity and have historically always used Sensodyne, so was concerned that this may not be a suitable alternative. However, I have been pleasantly surprised that my teeth (at this stage) are not any more sensitive than normal, which I assume can be attributed to the exclusion of any harsh abrasives. I’m not sure it will give you Bee Gee white gnashers but, my teeth definitely feel very clean and smooth after use 😉

I bought the Classic Mint flavour but, Taylor’s 32 also comes in Grapefruit and Mint; and, Fennel and Mint. Their website announces that they will shortly be introducing an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush, similar to the Humble Brush that I reviewed previously here.

Taylor’s 32 is available online here and costs £5 for 75ml or, at Waitrose here, where it’s currently £4.

Look after those ivories beeyoutees…