Are you trying to banish those winter blues? Me too, so I’m going to try this blend of powdered superfoods called ‘I AM beautiful’ from Naomi’s Kitchen, as it promises to restore my glow from the inside out!

Naomi Buff, of Monaco based Naomi’s Kitchen, is a holistic wellness coach, kitchen consultant and superfood supplier. ‘I AM superfoodblends’ is her range of 5 scientifically formulated blends of powdered superfoods and adaptogens which support the body physically, mentally and emotionally by delivering nutrients on a cellular level. I AM cleansed; I AM energised; I AM lean; and I AM superman :-0, are the other blends in the range.

‘I AM beautiful’ contains a blend of collagen synthesising vitamins and minerals – pea protein, rosehip, lucuma, camu camu, goji berry, acai, beetroot, green leaf stevia, matcha, moringa, sea buckthorn, schisandra and shilajit which claim to produce the following benefits…

  • tighter, smoother, brighter, radiant, younger looking skin
  • increased energy levels
  • improved skin repair function
  • anti-ageing benefits
  • mood enhancing properties

Apparently, all I have to do is add some to a smoothie, juice or coconut water and, I’m on my merry way to rediscovering my mojo and restoring that glow!

I AM superfoods is available online here where you can fill in a questionnaire to find out which blend is right for you, or at Selfridges, London