Guilty of over-plucking your eyebrows, or are they just a little sparse? Then this magic, eyebrow enhancing serum might be just the trick if you’re looking to get those brows back to full and bushy brilliance, à la Brooke Shields!

RapidBrow2Brow facts – I’m no brow expert but I do know that your eyebrows are a real ‘face-framer’, so if possible, they should look bold and well-groomed, as over-plucked or sparse brows can also add years to your face. This might be easier said than done, given that your brows, like the hair on your head, naturally start to thin as we age and, it takes on average, around 13 weeks for brow hair to regrow if you’ve been a little over enthusiastic with those tweezers :-0 However, don’t be fretting if you’ve developed a couple of Edith Piaf pencil brows over time, as there are steps you can take to restore them 🙂

Brow savers – In addition to the balanced diet that you already follow 😉 which should include iron, keratin and, vitamins C, D and B6; you might also wish to consider a professional brow tint and shape with an expert ‘brow technician’ who, if they’re any good, will make the most of what you’ve got by enhancing the shape and creating the illusion of density. If you’re looking to grow them out prior to your appointment or, you just want to do them yourself, don’t be tempted to pluck any curly ones – instead, just trim any unkempt/stray hairs after brushing them into the desired shape. I’m yet to see a good pair of tattooed eyebrows so, if you decide to go down this route, make sure you do your research, as a bad pair of tattooed eyebrows is far worse than sparse eyebrows (IMO) and, they’re permanent! :-0

What’s RapidBrow all about then? – Whilst I’ve never been one to ‘over-pluck’ my brows, they have definitely become more sparse over time. So, when I was sent a trio of ‘follicle fairies’ (RapidLash, RapidBrow, RapidShield) by the makers of RapidLash, I wasted no time in applying this super serum to my balding brows. RapidBrow contains a unique blend of fortifying proteins, stimulating peptides and nourishing ingredients to help condition, repair and restore eyebrows. RapidBrow is also safe for use by people who wear contact lenses.

Ingredients – RapidBrow contains HEXATEIN™ 2 COMPLEX, which is a unique blend of six brow enhancing ingredients:

1) Polypeptides, comprised of beneficial amino acids, help support more voluminous-looking appearance of brows

2) Biotin (Pro-vitamin B7 / Vitamin H / Coenzyme R), an essential factor in maintaining healthier-looking, more youthful brows

3) Panthenol (Vitamin B5) helps nourish and condition the brow hair, improving the overall appearance of brows

4) Keratin, a building block of hair, helps boost the protein structure and enhance healthier-looking appearance of brows

5) Apple Fruit Cell Extract, a revolutionary anti-ageing ingredient from stem cells of a rare Swiss apple, helps rejuvenate the youthful appearance of brows

6) Sweet Almond Extract, a rich emollient, helps add shine, sheen and softness to brow hair

RapidBrow1Does RapidBrow actually work? – Yes it does! RapidBrow is actually recommended by some cancer charities for patients undergoing chemotherapy, which is a fairly good indicator as to its efficacy. However, at the same time as using RapidBrow, I also used the infamous RapidLash on my lash line, as I had recently finished a vial of Nanolash which I had been using previously with great results (you can read my review here). Sadly, whilst RapidLash did not provide the same results as Nanolash; RapidBrow has been nothing short of miraculous in restoring my wispy brows to their former bushy glory! It’s taken about 8 weeks to get the ‘wow’ back in my brows and I’ve only been using it once a day – I didn’t realise the recommendation is twice a day – just think how bushy they’d be now!

Will I be buying some more? – Most def!

RapidBrow is widely available both online and in all good pharmacies and costs £37.