Is the thought of Cwissmas making you sweat buckets? Yup, me too 🙁 So, was this a good time to swap my regular alcohol/aluminium laden deodorant for something a little more natural? You bet it was – let’s put this cult status armpit baby to the test!

Who are (MALIN+GOETZ)? – With backgrounds in both design and cosmetics respectively, MALIN+GOETZ (Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz) opened their first ‘neighbourhood apothecary’ in New York in March 2004, where they offered uncomplicated, luxury products and treatments and, a very personalised customer service. Their award-winning formulations and iconic packaging have expanded from face, body and hair, to fragrance and candles and, they have extended their neighborhood apothecaries to LA, London and a select number of luxury retailers around the world. They claim that their original ethos remains the same, with every formula being personally created by Matthew and Andrew in collaboration with trusted chemists and small, family-run businesses local to their operations in NY. They have a reputation for offering high quality at affordable prices and, with an ever-decreasing carbon footprint and a ‘no animal testing’ policy, I thought I’d jump on the MALIN+GOETZ bus with my sweaty pits 🙂

malinandgoetz deoDoes this deodorant actually work? – Developed for sensitive skin, this natural eucalyptus and citronellyl formula is supposed to neutralize odour by preventing the growth of, and killing off, the hum-causing bacteria that live in your armpits. It doesn’t prevent you from sweating, as it’s not a conventional antiperspirant; which is a good thing right – after all, we’ve been told for years that clogging up your pits with aluminium and alcohol is bad for your health (and your boobs, gals!). So, if you’re a drippy pits kind of sweater, then this may not be for you. However, if you are a moderate perspirer and want to eliminate those stale armpit whiffs in a more natural fash, then this might be right up your strasse! This formula leaves no residue or stains and as I write, I’m sniffing my pits and thinking, hhhmmm… not bad after a day of pre-menstrual sweats 🙂 The only negative comment I have is that it doesn’t go on ‘dry’. And by that, I mean your pits feel a little damp immediately after application but, if you roll it on (it’s a stick applicator) 5 minutes before dressing, it’ll feel just dandy by the time you’ve got your clothes on. You need to allow two weeks for your body to adjust from a traditional antiperspirant, so be patient. Ahhhh yes, the only other thing is the price :-0 At £18 for 73gm it’s not cheap but, I think it’s definitely affordable if you’re looking to be make the switch to a more natural armpit companion 🙂

I bought mine at SpaceNK here but it seems to be available at various luxury skincare retailers worldwide if you look online.

Christmas stocking filler for your sweaty work colleague maybe? I’ll leave that one with you…