Hot on the heels of International Women’s Day and my tribute to my dear old mum; does anyone remember their mum, auntie, grandma or any other relative/friend from the ‘older generation’ slathering on a cleanser known as ‘Cold Cream’? My mum used to do this religiously and, since I discovered English Rose Cleansing Balm from the Pure range at Marks & Spencer, I’m finding this way of cleansing rather comforting and, a luxurious alternative to my usual foaming cleanser.

I was introduced to this balm by beauty therapist/facial specialist and fellow skincare product junkie Victoria Partridge who tests products from all over the world before unleashing the really good ones on her clients! This balm was a real departure from my bathroom cabinet staple, Nuori Vital Foaming Cleanser, as I’m not a fan of this type of cleansing routine.

However, having been previously impressed with the M&S Pure Range and specifically their Super Grape Resveratrol line, which I reviewed here, I thought I’d take a shufty at this English Rose Cleansing Balm and, I wasn’t disappointed.

What’s in it and how do you apply it? It’s an intensely omega fatty acid-rich balm, made with camelia oil, blackcurrant seed oil, shea, sweet almond oil and english rose extract, amongst other things; that dissolves makeup and gently deep cleanses the skin. It smells divine, which is always a bonus when your otherwise mundane cleansing routine, becomes an aromatherapeutic one 😉 After you’ve smoothed some over your face and neck (you don’t need a lot as it’s very rich), you massage it in using circular/upward motions and it will stimulate your circulation and help to loosen any dead skin cells. The balm comes with a muslin cloth, which you run under ‘comfortably hot water’ before wringing out and lightly polishing off the cleanser, leaving you with beautifully nourished, smooth and radiant skin.

This is a luxuriously hydrating and really comforting way to clean away all the stresses, strains and grime of the day. And, whilst you won’t ever be able to prize my foaming face wash from my mitts in the morning, I’m really happy to include this as part of my routine at the other end of the day.

Good to know 🙂 All Pure products use active, natural ingredients that are sustainable and responsibly sourced. English Rose Cleansing Balm has no artificial colours, synthetic fragrance, parabens, silicones or mineral oil and, carries both the Cruelty-Free and Bee Friendly logos on it’s eco-friendly packaging 🙂

£12 for 85gms