Unless you have a very skillful medical aesthetician who’s able to accomplish those subtle youthful changes that will have everyone guessing as to what you’ve had done, chances are you may not achieve the ’10 years younger’ look that you were after anyway. You’ll merely look the age you currently are, only with fillers and a permanently frozen face like that of a ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’ :-0

Think of some of those ‘done’ celebrities who look nothing like their younger, more naturally beautiful selves; and are they laughing or frowning, I can’t tell?! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with injectables if that’s what works for you and makes you feel more comfortable about your appearance, but I can’t help thinking that freezing your face so people can no longer tell what sort of mood you’re in, takes something away from you and your own very unique facial characteristics, not to mention your ability to embrace those advancing years in a more natural way.

Having said all that, there are bits about my visage that I’d change in a heartbeat, but given my preference is for a more natural approach and without the needle or the knife, this week I’ve started using the Body Shop’s Twin-Ball Facial Massager, which is part of their new Oils of Life range.

So how does it work?

Used daily (or twice for those of us with saggy chops!) with a facial oil of your choice, this little manual massage tool claims to improve skin tone and circulation, reduce puffiness and wrinkles, and increase elasticity. The Body Shop encourage you to use their own Oils of Life facial oil, which is a lightweight anti-ageing oil infused with black cumin seed, rosehip and camellia seed oils. I was given a teeny-weeny sample to try after I bought the massager, but it was just enough for one application, and whilst the texture and fragrance was very agreeable and it was fairly inexpensive at £28, I chose to purchase a cheaper (£16.45) Organic Rosehip Oil by A’kin, which is an Aussie brand that’s widely available in the UK at most health food stores.

Akin facial oil

The massager comes in a box that includes a set of four simple instructional diagrams on how  to use it, but if you prefer a video version which includes the use of the other products in the Oils of Life range, their beauty expert Vanda Serrador can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6xi7AaSas4 

As you roll over your facial muscles the twin-ball roller gently pinches them, encouraging lymphatic drainage and muscle tone, which helps to restore definition. The massage action apparently also allows the nutrients in the oil to penetrate deeper into the skin, which in the case of the Rosehip Oil means omega-3 and 6; helping to retain moisture and improve texture and firmness.

To prevent the first signs of ageing, the recommendation for use is just five minutes once a day and in around six to eight weeks you should start to notice a difference. If you’ve already got visible signs of ageing 🙁 then use it twice a day.

The mechanics are not entirely dissimilar to that of the Endermolift which I wrote about in my article Endermolift – Could This Be the Answer To The Non-Surgical Facelift, but clearly for a fraction of the price which can only be a good thing if it really works!

So for now, I’ll continue rollering away and let you know whether I still look like Deputy Dawg in six weeks :-0

I’ll be musing about facial yoga as an alternative to invasive treatments in a future post 🙂