Shallow I know, but I’m like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to beauty stores, so when I heard that Harvey Nichols in London were opening a new 13,000 sq ft luxury beauty lounge brimming with beauty products, beauty services, fragrance and must have accessories, I knew I just had to goooooo………….

Harvey Nichols is currently undergoing some major refurbishment works, and I gotta be honest, it’s not before time! Their image as a luxury department store has been a little lacklustre of late and I get the impression that they’ve been struggling to keep up with some of the other major players in this market, such as Liberty, Harrods and Selfridges. However, following a 10 month re-development program of their flagship store in Knightsbridge, where the brand’s new elegant and sophisticated design concept is more akin to a luxury boutique, they appear to have re-discovered their mojo 🙂

The Beauty Lounge is a ‘destination station’ for beauty addicts everywhere! Open early morning (8am) until late (10pm), this dedicated area offers a great selection of express services from blow dries to manicures, brow shaping to LED light therapy, and even a clinic that offers a range of bespoke intravenous nutrition infusions (I think my Nutribullet does the same job mind and at a fraction of the price, but each to their own…), plus all the very latest (and some old favourites) beauty products and accessories. From September, there will be a fragrance space that will house 50 of the finest selection of niche, bespoke and global brands. And if that wasn’t enough, there is a beauty ‘pop-up’ area that’s been designed to showcase the latest innovations in the world of beauty and provide an opportunity for customers to hear from industry experts/influencers and brand experts.

On hand to guide you around the dazzling (and somewhat bewildering) array of luxury beauty products and services is the Beauty Concierge who by appointment, will provide expert, informed and impartial advice across all brands in a luxurious environment, compliments of Harvey Nichols. I have to say, there was a real buzz about the place and whilst I didn’t specifically consult with the Beauty Concierge, the staff dotted around the Lounge were knowledgeable, welcoming and discreet.

So, feeling slightly ‘high’ from my Beauty Lounge experience, I emerged dreaming of winning the lottery so I could sail right back through the doors and ‘av the lot but…….. 3-2-1, back in the real world, I settled for a bottle of my fave facial cleanser from Nuori at a well priced £25 🙂

If you’re into beauty, you’ll seriously be into The Beauty Lounge, so go on, get yourselves up there quick-smart before everyone else does!