A few years ago you wouldn’t have found me within 50ft of ‘an oil for your face’, as I was under the misguided impression that plant based facial oils were way too fluffy and ineffective for the likes of my ageing skin and, that a more aggressive, industrial strength product was what I needed in order to restore youthful skin.

Fast forward to today and a good facial oil, like Radiance from British skincare brand Nourish, is an essential part of my routine. Not only does it facilitate the penetration of your other skincare products into the deeper layers of your skin more effectively, but the facial massage you should be using in order to apply the oil, has fantastic benefits for ageing skin. Done correctly, facial massage (see here) has the ability to remove toxins, reduce puffiness, prevent fluid retention and tone/lift/sculpt the face. Massage your face in this way for between 1-5 minutes every night and you should start to notice the difference within 4 days 🙂

Nourish was created by Dr Pauline Hili, a specialist in organic skincare and the science behind the power of plant extracts. Nourish uses organic ingredients that are both biodegradable and ethically sourced. The combination of high quality natural extracts with advanced scientific bio-actives have won them numerous beauty awards and, their use of natural fragrances from pure essential oils ensure their products possess those all important ‘mood enhancing’ properties.

Nourish is accredited by the UK’s Soil Association, Cruelty Free International, the Vegan Society and, is British made.

Radiance is £25 for 15ml – a very good price for a very nice oil…