So this week I was fortunate enough to be offered a complimentary skin tightening treatment at the Cavendish Clinic in Parsons Green.  As with most clinics, the Cavendish Clinic will from time to time, offer specials to it’s loyal customers, and this week I underwent a session of Endermolift

Aga, my practitioner for the duration, was extremely knowledgeable about this treatment and having used the LPG techology for the past 10 years, was very positive about the results.  Having discussed my current skincare routine, Aga talked to me about my concerns, chiefly my droopy jowls, and explained how the treatment works. Then she set to work!

First, the science bit…

Endermolift promises to be a fast, pain-free and 100% natural non-surgical lifting facial, and is the only anti-ageing technique capable of stimulating the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid – the naturally occurring plumping substance found in skin – by up to *80%.  After every treatment the skin should be plumped and rehydrated from the inside, feel suppler and be better protected against expression lines with increased strength and resilience.  Endermolift treatments are designed to slow collagen breakdown and boost production of new collagen, and at the same time, the amount of ‘pollution fighting’ enzymes in the skin doubles to strengthen and improve skin’s in-built defences.

*Source: Humbert study 2013

So how does Endermolift work?

The uniquely designed treatment head gently massages the skin tissue while targeting a specific area with a 100% natural Mecano-Stimulation™ – a clinically proven tissue manipulation technique which sends a signal to the cells in the deeper layers of the skin to provoke a physiological response – activating collagen and elastin.  Like a mini workout for your face!

The machine has an in built timing mechanism so that a set time is spent massaging each portion of the face.  I have to say, it was really quite pleasant – a gentle suction/kneading sensation – I would have dropped off had I not been quizzing Aga about the pros and cons of this treatment!, and before I knew it my session was over 🙁


Admittedly, there would be few treatments that could take 10 years off you in half an hour, but this treatment is non surgical and non invasive and therefore the changes (if any) are very subtle.  I did look marginally fresher faced than I normally do, but for best results Aga suggested a course of 10 to 12 treatments spaced at weekly intervals, with one per month after that for maintenance.  She also recommended a fortnightly glycolic and mandelic acid peel, which LPG have developed in order to accelerate and complete the Endermolift Skin Rejuvenation Program.


Well, for a course of 12 treatments, you’re looking at about £700, so whilst it’s not cheap, it’s certainly more affordable than some of the alternatives out there.  The peels are £300 for 3.