How much do we really know about what nasties are lurking in our skincare products, how long ago they were manufactured and, whether they’re as effective as they could be?

Under EU law, all cosmetic products should carry a visible expiry date, but an exception to this rule are products that have a minimum durability of more than 2.5 years. In this instance, all that’s required is the small ‘open jar’ symbol which informs the consumer how long the product will stay safe after opening, but doesn’t tell you how long ago the product was made!

2.5 years+ is a long time in the world of skincare products especially when it comes to ‘active’ ingredients such as the commonly used vitamins A, C and E, which start losing their beneficial properties after just a few months. Enter preservatives, colouring, fragrance enhancers and other additives which not only compromise efficacy but, can also trigger inflammation and allergic reactions in some people :-0

Step up Danish skincare brand NUORI.

Founder, Jasmi Bonnén, began to understand the effect that time had on cosmetic formulations whilst working at L’Oreal, and became convinced that the skincare market needed a ‘fresh’ alternative.

All NUORI products are freshly blended in small batches every twelve weeks before being bottled up in protective packaging which minimizes exposure to air, light, bacteria and mould before and during use to help preserve maximum efficacy.

According to Jasmi, “Fresh skincare makes sense the same way fresh food does – it’s more nourishing and has less additives”. Following this logic, NUORI’s freshly blended skincare products have two distinct benefits:
1.    The efficacy of any given formula is higher since active ingredients are not weakened by time-related breakdown.
2.    The products can be kept truly pure and highly potent, as no synthetic preservatives, nor other additives, are needed to artificially prolong the stability and shelf life of the products.

NUORI products are marked with two dates; a start-using by date, which is the latest time you should start using it. This ensures your skin benefits from optimum freshness and efficacy, and that you will have sufficient time to use up the product before it reaches its expiry date.

NUORI’s natural formulas stay potent and stable for six months after they have been blended at source, so the expiry date serves as a reminder of when to replace the product with a new, fresh one.

So what do I make of NUORI?

NUORI suggests that their products are formulated for all ages and most skin types, and very kindly sent me two of their fresher than fresh products to try.

Vital Body Balm is a delicately scented, intensely hydrating body treatment that contains avocado oil, shea butter, grape seed oil, vitamin E and olive-oil derived glycerin. I have never really found the ‘perfect’ body cream as they are all either too greasy, too tacky or not hydrating enough. However, this formula glides on beautifully with no hint of tack or grease, and my skin still feels hydrated and smooth the next day, even when I apply the day before. Whilst it’s dispensed from the beautifully simple packaging as a cream, it’s definitely a balm; giving your skin the feeling that it not only deeply hydrates but is also locking in the moisture – great news for my crinkley knees!

Vital Foaming Cleanser is a luxuriously creamy foaming cleanser that removes dirt and makeup without stripping skin of its natural oils. Pomegranate enzyme and radish root extract gently and effectively remove impurities and slough away dead skin cells. Oat kernel extract and natural betaine offer powerful antioxidant protection and combat redness and irritation. Botanical glycerin helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving it smooth, supple and refreshed. I’m a die hard fan of cleansers that I can use with water and had, up until this point, been using Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser because I found it was able to provide that really deep clean feeling you experience after a good facial. I’d still recommend it, but I believe the NUORI is just as effective, just with less of a ‘caustic’ action, if you know what I mean. I apply the cleanser to my face and leave it on for about 2 minutes in order to ensure the enzymes get to work on those dead skin cells, then wipe over with a damp muslin face cloth before fully rinsing with water. It really does leave your skin looking super clean and bright but with no hint of dryness. Perfect prep for serum and moisturiser application, followed by the all important sunscreen!

I genuinely really like these products, not just because of the brand ethos and the fact that they are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, petrolatum, PEG’s, sulphates, phthalates, silicones etc, but also because they actually work 🙂

Other products in the NUORI range include…

Vital Facial Cream, Vital Eye Cream, Perfecting Facial Oil, Supreme-C Serum Treatments, Lip Treat, Vital Hand Cream, Perfecting Body Oil, Enriched Handwash, and Enriched Hand Lotion.

So what’s the cost of ‘fresh’ skincare and where can you purchase NUORI?

Vital Foaming Cleanser is £25 for 100ml

Vital Body Balm is £44 for 150ml

which I don’t think is outrageous, given the premium quality and efficacy of the products.

NUORI is currently available at only a small number of outlets globally, the deets of which you can find on their site at

However, I’m happy to report that you can purchase NUORI at the following stores…


Content 14 Bulstrode St, London W1

The Light Salon at Harvey Nichols, London SW1.


Kate & Paul Organics, Singapore.

Over and out