Smooth Mama takes us on a trip down memory lane with this week’s little verdant gem – the Sherbet Green. But calling it “Sherbet” is all that connects it with childhood confectionery I’m afraid, as this superjuice contains only natural fruit sugars and just a light sprinkling of those magic black chia seeds…

What are chia seeds?
Chia seeds come from the desert plant Salvia Hispanica, a member of the mint family and originally from southern Mexico. In pre-Columbian times, ‘chia’ was the Mayan word for strength and the seeds were a staple food for both the Aztecs and the Mayans, providing them with sustained energy on their long marches and gruelling battles.

What’s so good about chia seeds?
A tablespoon of chia seeds is said to contain more calcium than a glass of milk, more Omega 3 than salmon and more anti-oxidants than blueberries. Chia seeds also contain lots of fibre, protein and micronutrients. And, as well as boosting energy, the nutrients have been proven to help heart health and joint function, and encourage a healthy digestive system. Chia seeds swell when in contact with water so they may give you the feeling of being full and keep you going for longer as they release energy slower. Although they’re packed with high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acid ALA, chia seeds don’t contain the fatty acid DHA, which your body needs for good brain function. Our bodies should be able to convert ALA to DHA, but as we are all unique individuals, the efficiency rate of this conversion varies dramatically, so if you’re a veggie or vegan, don’t rely solely on chia seeds for your Omega 3 supply – you may wish to consider taking a DHA supplement, but always consult a professional first. Non veggies should still have at least one serving of oily fish a week.

How much chia should I eat?
A tablespoon of chia seeds every day is recommended, but no more than that because they’re very high in fibre and could cause stomach upset for more sensitive people. And, although they contain ‘good fats’, it is still fat, so don’t get carried away :-0

How should I eat my chia seeds? 
The don’t taste of much, so you can blend them into your smoothies or sprinkle them onto most foods such as cereal, salads or yoghurt.
For chia porridge, soak some oats in almond, oat or hemp milk, sprinkle with chia seeds and cinnamon and leave in fridge overnight. Et voila, breakfast is served!

What’s in the Sherbet Green?

*Cucumber *Kiwi *Apple *Lemongrass *Lemon *1tsp chia per pint of juice 

*Omniblend to super green sherbertdom

Chia seeds can be found in most good health food stores.