With the big day almost upon us, and folks rushing around the shops filling their trollies like they’re on Supermarket Sweep :-0, I thought I’d call an emergency meeting with Zodleblog’s nutritional therapist Bex Sullivan to get some last minute tips on how to survive the excesses of Christmas! Here’s what she came up with…

Try as we might, Christmas is too often punctuated with the effects of overindulgence. I can’t do much about the emotional fallout that follows the over enthusiastic dance floor contributions at the office Christmas party. I can however give you a tip or two on how to survive the morning after and how to beat the post turkey bloat.

1) Water water water!!

Dehydration and over doing the booze go hand in hand. Keeping hydrated with the extra alcohol intake is the easiest way to avoid feeling hideous the next day. Make it a priority to match each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. Water flushes all of those nasty toxins out and keeps the dehydration headaches at bay and also supports those poor, overworked kidneys.
A squeeze of lemon in your water will help stimulate the liver and is a great start to any morning and not just hungover ones!

2) Chew the cud

And I don’t mean with Aunty Vera about Uncle Marv’s new ballroom dancing obsession. I’m talking mastication at its best. Digestion starts in the mouth and ensuring you chew each mouthful of food at least 20 times will help take the pressure off an already overloaded digestive system. Eating more slowly also prevents the inevitable Christmas overeating. When you’re shovelling food down at the rate of knots you don’t give your body enough time to recognise the stomach is full and before you know it you’re more stuffed than the turkey was. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to send out satiety signals so take your time and chew every mouthful properly. Your gut and waistline will thank you for it.

3) Top up your B vits

Over indulging on the eggnog will rapidly deplete your B vitamins leaving you feeling sluggish and worn out. Keep your levels topped up by eating plenty of green vegetables, oats, grass fed meat, eggs and brown rice. If you need that extra boost the morning after a night on the tiles try a good quality supplement like Terra Nova B-Complex with Vitamin C, but get those good food sources in there too!

4) Be kind to your liver

In terms of work load, the liver is on a par with F.C. himself over the festive period, so be nice and show it a bit of love over the holidays. Keep the water flowing but also get some of the liver supporting nutrients in there too. This is where brussel sprouts come into their own as they are packed with liver loving nutrients like vitamin C, glucosinolates and protein. If this super veg is too hard for you to stomach then include other cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and kale in the hangover toolbox. Garlic, turmeric, avocados and beta carotene rich foods like carrots and squash are also fabulous for liver support, so cram as much into your Christmas diet as you possibly can.

Bonus Tip! Make up a big batch of soup with these wonderful veggies and dip into it as frequently as you can. It’s a really great hangover cure but also helps protect the liver against the Christmas onslaught.

Merry Christmas one and all!!


Thanks Bex! Now, where are those sprouts?… Be careful out there beeyoutees and have a fantabulous Christmas! See you again for more musings in 2018 🙂



**If you’d like a private consultation with Bex, she can be contacted at rebecca@rsnutritionalhealth.com**