The gorgeous, supremely flexible and ‘fabulously ageless’ Desirée Ouellette brings you ‘Your Beauty Secrets’ this week! I had the great pleasure of sharing a room (and a few belly laughs at the absence of a door to our ‘shared’ bathroom :-0 ) with Desirée on my recent Italian yoga retreat, which you can read all about here 🙂 From Washington State, Desirée is a 49 year old, fully qualified yoga teacher and leads yoga and adventure retreats (Yogi Adventure Retreats) around the world. Bendy and incredibly youthful looking, “I want what she’s having!”; Desirée will be revealing details about her diet, lifestyle and most importantly, skincare routine; including those products she simply can’t live without. Take it away Desirée!

Desiree OuelletteDESIRÉE, WHAT’S YOUR DAILY SKINCARE ROUTINE? I wash with Pangea Organic Facial Cleanser (Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange), then use a Pangea Toner. I apply Zein Obagi C-Bright 10% Vitamin C Serum both morning and night, Episilk Hyaluronic Acid Serum and, finish off with a little Pangea Organics Balancing Oil to which I add a few drops of Frankincense oil. I exfoliate twice a week with Acure Brightening Facial Scrub. This year, I’ve also had six treatments with the Genesis Laser and three of micro-needling in order to help boost collagen production. I have recently switched over to using some of The Ordinary products after being introduced to them by my roomie in Italy 😉

HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU STARTED TO LOOK AFTER YOUR SKIN? I didn’t start until around 35 years old when I noticed some fine lines.

WHAT PRODUCTS COULDN’T YOU LIVE WITHOUT? Topical Vitamin C and Pangea Organic Balancing Oil.

DO YOU HAVE AN EXERCISE ROUTINE? I practice Yoga because it saved my back years ago! I have pretty severe back and neck injuries from a car accident. Yoga helped me heal from the constant pain. I also love to walk, hike and bike.

DO YOU CONSIDER THAT YOU HAVE A WELL BALANCED DIET AND IF SO, WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE? During my first yoga immersion training we ate only raw vegan and I felt that with the yoga practice and eating raw vegan that it helped heal my injured body. I ate raw vegan for about 6 years and taught raw vegan classes in my community. desiree yoga poseI eventually switched to vegetarian because it was very difficult to eat vegan since I travel so much. Recently I started eating some meat and try to eat free range and organic whenever possible but, I decided to try more plant based eating again because my body does feel better when I eat that way.

DO YOU TAKE ANY SUPPLEMENTS AND IF SO, WHAT ARE THEY? I take magnesium, vitamin B12, Bone Solid, vitamin D 3 and Garden of Life Women’s Raw Vitamins and Women’s Raw Probiotics. I love the Garden of Life products 🙂

TO WHAT DO YOU ATTRIBUTE YOUR YOUTHFUL LOOKS? My mother and grandmother stayed youthful looking and I give some credit to them but, I also attribute it to diet, exercise and protecting my skin from the sun. I do wear a sunscreen every day and, I wear a mineral makeup with SPF in it. My favorite mineral powder makeup is Arbonne.

DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR ‘INTELLIGENT AGEING’? Do things that you love and whatever helps you relax and de-stress, like yoga and walks in nature. Drink plenty of filtered water, eat more plant based foods, exercise and, use non toxic/clean products on your face and body.

Desirée, thanks for sharing ‘Your Beauty Secrets’ with Zodleblog… x