OK, so Sir Les’s tombstones may be taking the subject matter a little to the extreme but you get the picture – bad teeth ain’t such a good look :-0

But it’s not just about the aesthetic – shoddy-looking peggies age you prematurely but, tooth decay and gum disease can contribute to overall poor health, including heart disease! Did you know that the build up of plaque and ensuing bacteria causes inflammation and can release toxins into your bloodstream! What’s worse, is that a staggering 53% of adults in the UK suffer from gum disease, which if left untreated, will eventually lead to tooth loss!

So, looking after your teeth using the same care and attention with which you look after your skin, should be part of your routine – brush and floss twice a day, use interdental brushes between meals (and between your teeth 😉 ) and aim to visit your dentist/hygienist every three to six months for a checkup and plaque removal. Your saliva is the best anti-bacterial protection your teeth can get, so chewing sugar-free gum after eating is also recommended by some dentists, as it promotes saliva production. A good whitening toothpaste can restore natural whiteness (yellow or stained teeth can add years to your visage) – I use Sensodyne Repair and Protect which not only gently whitens but, also helps to form a protective layer over the sensitive part of your teeth and relieve sensitivity. Finally, don’t rinse away the toothpaste in your bouche – just spit out the excess and be gone from the bathroom sink – studies show that if you leave a film of toothpaste on your gnashers, it will continue to work over time to reduce decay!

And remember to smile more and frown less – apparently it takes less effort and promotes fewer wrinkles!