Welcome to Zodleblog

If you’ve ever found yourself spending hours researching skincare products and/or nutritional information and have found it all a bit overwhelming and confusing, then you might just be in the right place.  

My dear old mum was always a passionate believer in quality skincare products, and having suffered from teenage skin up until my mid 20’s (yes, there was a patch of bleached carpet in front of the bathroom mirror from the excesses of my benzoyl peroxide application), I recognised the importance of following her example.  Unfortunately, no sooner had the pimples disappeared, and it was time to start worrying about the wrinkles, and my quest began to stave off the ravages of time. 

With both genetics and my various food intolerances taken into account and, with an eye on the environment, what I’m aiming to do here, is provide you with some simple insight into skincare products and treatments that I believe really work, and at the same time, share my nutritional experiences and general wellbeing tips – all of which are key to feeling great both inside and out!  (That filet-o-fish seemed like a good idea in the glamorous surroundings of the South of France :-0)

From time to time, I may mention specific products that I use and treatments I undergo, but unless otherwise specified, I pay for all products and services, and will always give you a personal and unbiased opinion as to their efficacy.

Whilst I studied beauty therapy some years ago, I am not a professional therapist. What you read here is merely my opinion and what works for me, so please be mindful that it may not be appropriate for you. I would always recommend that you seek professional advice and sample products before purchase.

I hope you find this blog interesting and informative, and I welcome any questions or comments you may have in relation to my ‘musings on intelligent ageing’…