Month: May 2017

Rapidbrow, make my brows grow thick quick!

Guilty of over-plucking your eyebrows, or are they just a little sparse? Then this magic, eyebrow enhancing serum might be just the trick if you’re looking to get those brows back to full and bushy brilliance, à la Brooke Shields! Brow facts – I’m no brow expert but I do know that your eyebrows are a real ‘face-framer’, so if possible, they should look bold and well-groomed, as over-plucked or sparse brows can also add years to your face. This might be easier said than done, given that your brows, like the hair on your head, naturally start to thin...

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Nutrivitality liposomal vitamin C review

Soooooo… a few blog posts ago I mused over the much talked about health and ‘intelligent ageing’ benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C. If you missed it, you can read about it here. As promised, and post my 30-day trial of Nutrivitality’s Liposomal Vitamin C, I’m back with my musings on this super-potent form of the antioxidant powerhouse vitamin. Did it boost my collagen production enough to lift my saggy jowls and, was I radiating health and vitality? Ok, so nothing short of surgery can invite my jowls back up the side of my face to meet their old acquaintance,...

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Bex Sullivan muses over the health benefits of beta-glucans

Intelligent ageing from the inside out, as naturopathic nutritional therapist Bex Sullivan muses over the health benefits of including beta-glucans in your diet. Thanks to the deluge of advertisements we are subjected to on the goggle box, you may have heard of the cardiovascular health benefits of eating beta-glucans. This nutrient crops up time and time again on adverts for breakfast cereals and porridge, but do these increasingly well known nutrients actually live up to the hype surrounding them? Well, yes indeed they do! Beta-glucans are actually a very diverse group of polysacharrides. There are two main types of...

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