Month: February 2017

Supermood Youth Glo Radiance Oil

Who are Supermood? Supermood, is a holistic natural beauty brand from Finland, that focuses on topical, therapeutic and sometimes edible 😉 (‘Radiance Beauty Chocolate’ is part of their Ego Boost range and is a 70% raw chocolate bar with collagen!) beauty products. According to their site, all their research, development and production is carried out in Finland using high-quality, eco-certified level, ethical and pure ingredients. Instead of the ‘traditional skin type or age division’, their beauty ranges are designed for a specific mood. So, whether you want to feel confident for a big meeting or, fresh and well rested, their...

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Lumity Giveaway – Winners!

La La Lumity competition winners – yey! Thank you to all the beeyoutees who took the time to enter my competition to win a 4 week supply of the wonderful anti-ageing supplement Lumity. But you know… there can only be one winner; well two actually – and they are (drum roll please)… Patricia Hillock from Denmark Zeynab Mohamed from London Woop woop! For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to win the comp but would still like to get your hands on Lumity, if you click on the link here you’ll receive a 15% discount on your first...

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