Month: June 2016

Smooth Mama keeps her cherry with this simple number

Cheery cherries are another one of those super-antioxidant packed fruits containing beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, folate and fibre; with sour cherries containing more beta carotene and slightly more vitamin C. Unlike some fruits though, cherries are low on the glycemic index (GI) which make them a great alternative for diabetics. Did you know that sour cherries also contain the natural hormone melatonin which helps to regulate sleep patterns and boost your immunity? So, in your juicer of choice, swizz up the following and you’ll be feeling cherrier in no time at all… 1 cup pitted cherries 1...

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Neglecting those gnashers could add years to you, in more ways than one

OK, so Sir Les’s tombstones may be taking the subject matter a little to the extreme but you get the picture – bad teeth ain’t such a good look :-0 But it’s not just about the aesthetic – shoddy-looking peggies age you prematurely but, tooth decay and gum disease can contribute to overall poor health, including heart disease! Did you know that the build up of plaque and ensuing bacteria causes inflammation and can release toxins into your bloodstream! What’s worse, is that a staggering 53% of adults in the UK suffer from gum disease, which if left untreated,...

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Vein or just vain? My journey to legs that now look a little less like a roadmap

Oh how I wish these lovely legs belonged to me but, as the title suggests, I was certainly at the back of the queue when legs were being given out and, have what my vascular consultant in Melbourne termed ‘hormonal skin’, which in the nicest possible way really means – puffy, veiny pins – cheers Dr Lou! However, all is not lost for those of you that might suffer from ‘unsightly’ veins, be they varicose or thread – I had both, which is nice but not altogether unusual as the two very often go hand in hand – the...

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No pain, no gain – I get the ‘Dermapen’ treatment in my latest facial

A few weeks ago I mused over a shamazeballs ‘advanced facial‘ that I underwent with Advanced Facialist Emma Bennett, and committed to a course of five more sessions of self-indulgence in order to gauge their efficacy in the fight to stop my jowls from reaching my knees :-0  So, week before last I hot-footed it over to see the lovely Emma again, only this time, I visited the house of pain… Treatment deets… -Double cleanse -Exfoliation with mild lactic resurfacing cream by pHformula. All pretty norms up until this point but then, Emma produced the ‘Dermapen™’!  Now I’d had the Dermaroller™...

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Lovely lashes by Joan Collins

“Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant, unless of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine…” – Joan Collins But with age Joan, not only is the hair on my head disappearing, but my once thick and lustrous lashes are also on the wane, so should I drink another bottle of vintage wine and forget my first world problems, or can you wave your mascara wand and magic my lashes back to life?! Timeless Beauty is Joan’s international luxury beauty brand, “aiming not only to inspire women, but to provide them with the tools to feel...

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