Month: September 2015

Did someone mention exercise?!

I can’t believe it’s been a month already since I published my first blog spot, where I promised to bring you great skincare, optimum nutrition and a little exercise. Time flies, but I think it’s about time I dropped in a couple of musings on one my favourite sporting activities… I’ve never been one of those ‘sporty types’, ever since I ran the 100 metres at school and changed my running style mid race from short and fast steps, to slow, giant gazelle-like strides in an attempt to gain distance over my rivals, and promptly came last ūüôĀ To...

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Introducing Smooth Mama

In my recipe for MYO Muesli I mentioned that a future musing would include some green juice breakfast options. Well I’ve gone one better than that! Naomi Clark from, who is the Queen of all things healthy and one Smooth Mama, is famed for being the original chick who brought Bikram Hot Yoga to Brighton, England over a decade ago. She’s also a Raw Foodist, Super Foodist, Non-Dogmatic Adventurist, and can often be found lurking in The Guarana Bar, Brighton after practice, whilst planning her next yoga collaboration, and before haring off on the school run! And if...

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I envy those talented baker friends of mine whose creations are worthy of entry on The Great British Bake Off – my creations, not so much, which is why I¬†have a photo of some pistachio nuts and not one of my baked delights :-0 In my defence, I like to think¬†most of my cakes¬†are pretty healthy, and you know how hard it can be to make ‘healthy stuff’ look appealing. So this week’s healthy bake is a Pistachio, Rapeseed Oil and Orange cake which is a recipe I’ve modified from a lovely baking site called¬† His recipe uses olive...

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I love a good skincare product and here are some of my favourites

The choice of skincare products available today¬†is simply¬†overwhelming, and the ever increasing list of concerns that require addressing (when you get to a certain age :-0) without¬†having to spend a fortune, makes purchasing these products a very dizzying experience! And then,¬†should you go for a regular cleanse, tone, and moisturise routine with a traditional department store brand, or try something a little more potent such as a cosmeceutical brand, which is a marketing term¬†and not a legal definition of a product that is¬†a hybrid of both a cosmetic and a pharmceutical? Or maybe you’re not that fussed and¬†your trusty¬†Olay...

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Letting Go Of Perfect

Psychotherapist Dr Sheri Jacobson says that low self-esteem is one of the main symptoms of depression and that perfectionists are more prone to seeing life and themselves in terms of success/failure, and are less able to see that failure is only their perspective and not that of others. Dr Jacobson suggests three easy ways of ‘letting go of perfect’… 1 BE IN THE PRESENT – forget past events or future worries. What matters is what’s happening now. 2 STOP RIGID THINKING – there is a vast middle ground between strong and weak, smart and stupid. Going to extremes damages...

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